Event Calendar

APA – The Engineered Wood Association
SEC – Softwood Export Council
SFPA – Southern Forest Products Association

Wood Trade Show
April 8-10, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: April 5-11)
Dubai Wood is a small show (250 exhibitors) focusing on woodworking and wood processing. Attendees (5,000 +/-) are serious buyers from throughout the Middle East. AMSO reps garnered more than 150 serious trade inquiries in 2013.
US China Build EBPA, SEC Beijing, Tianjin, and Wuhan, China
May 19-22, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: May 17-24)
Sponsored by the Evergreen Building Products Association, the China sales mission will include multiple destinations throughout China for seminars and mini trade shows.
Timber Trade Show
Nantes, France
June 4-6, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: June 2-7)
With its 100% timber concept, the Carrefour International du Bois is the only tradeshow of its kind in Europe. The event attracts great interest both in France and abroad. It has established itself as the leading trade show amongst timber professionals, bringing together over 500 exhibitors and almost 10,000 visitors from 60 countries over the course of three days.
Johannesburg, South Africa
June 5-7, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: June 1-8)
Now in its third year, WoodEX demonstrates the value of wood as a sustainable, renewable and versatile product, and is a showcase for introducing new products into the African marketplace. This is a new show for AMSO.
Korea Trade Servicing SEC, APA Seoul, Korea
June 16-20, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: June 14-21)
Trade servicing mission including importer visits, site visits, and more. More detailed itinerary TBD.
Japan Sales Mission EBPA, SEC Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kagoshima
June 17-20, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: June 15-21)
Japan Sales Mission sponsored by the Evergreen Building Products Association. Travel expenses are reimbursable but registration fee is not.
Furniture Supply Trade Show
SEC, SFPA, APA Guadalajara
August 13-16, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: August 12-17)
Tecno Mueble is the largest furniture show in Latin America, attracting around 6,000 international buyers.
Construction Trade Show
SFPA Guadalajara
August 28-30, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: Aug 27-31)
Hardware and construction show that attracts more than 80,000 attendees from around Latin America.
Medellin, Columbia
August 27-30, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: Aug 25-31)
One of Latin America’s top shows for construction, architecture and design, and sponsored by the Columbian Chamber of the Construction Industry.
Construction Trade Show
APA, SFPA Panama
September 10-14, 2014
(Reimbursable travel dates: Sept 8-15)
A construction trade show organized by the Panamenian Chamber of Construction. More than 300 manufacturing and distributing companies of products, systems, technology, and services related to construction, finishing, selling, and financing of homes participated in 2012.
BEC/JAS Meetings
September 15-17, 2014
Annual meeting between US, Canadian, and Japanese individuals associated with the Building Experts Committee and Japan Agriculture Standards.
Materials and Innovation Trade Show
SFPA, APA, SEC Birmingham, UK October 2014 Timber Expo is the UK’s national timber event for all those involved in the timber sector or those looking to build with this fantastically versatile and sustainable material.  The event showcases the best in timber innovations and demonstrates the technological industry advancements to the thousands of people who attended.
Trade Show
October 2014
Japan Home & Building Show is one of the largest expos of the latest building and renovating products and services.
US China Build EBPA, SEC China cities TBA November 2014 Sponsored by the Evergreen Building Products Association, the China sales mission will include multiple destinations throughout China for seminars and mini trade shows.
Woodworking, panel products, and furniture trade show
SEC Singapore November 2014 FurniPro offers outreach and access for exhibitors from the international woodworking, panel and furniture industries to trade professionals in the ASEAN region. FurniPRO is an opportunity to meet with buyers from all SE Asian countries. In addition to the trade show, informational seminars will be included.
December 2014
Industry meetings with Japan's top lumber importers, home builders, and government officials responsible for wood construction and imports/exports.
EBPA Japan Sales MIssion EBPA, SEC Japan December 2014 Sponsored by the Evergreen Building Products Association, the Japan sales mission will include multiple destinations throughout Japan for seminars and mini trade shows.
Construction and Building Materials Trade Show
December 2014
Organized by the Taiwan Architect Association, this is the country’s largest building and construction show.
Expo Promueble SEC, SFPA Mexico City, Mexico
January 2015
This show attracts wood and furniture suppliers from throughout Mexico.
Architecture and Construction Materials Trade Show APA Tokyo, Japan
March 2015
Large trade show focusing on architecture and construction materials.
Beijing International Expo of Wooden Structures
Beijing, China
March 2015
The 5th annual Beijing Expo of Wooden Structures, which showcases all types of wood construction and related products.